When humans matter –Scaling operating room capacity for better tomorrow


There are around 0,5 million operating rooms globally. Surgeons make roughly 500 million surgical operations every year and yet the global utilisation of operating rooms is only around 40%. This inefficiency creates costs, increases surgery queues and builds up inequality while at the same time the expensive operating rooms are just waiting there to be used.

The current global utilisation of operating rooms

Enabling more efficient operating room usage

O-Room is a platform that brings together public hospitals and private healtcare sector to enable more efficient operating room usage. It lowers operational costs and offers additional compensation for all the stakeholders.

O-Room´s main function is to enable operating room renting. It connects the different stakeholders and makes sure that all the professionals taking part in the surgeries have adequate education and professional proficiency. In addition, it collects data for the hospitals how to improve their processes. O-Room does not handle patient data nor does it treat patients. It is fully GDPR compatible.

Benefitting various stakeholders

With the help of O-Room, hospitals can generate additional income up to 1,2 million euros per year when taking the unused operating room capacity in use.This includes improved processes, decreased personnel costs, additional revenues as well as decreased equipment costs.

Insurance companies
With the help of O-Room, insurance companies can save up to 30% when compared to traditional way of compensating surgery expenses.

Healthcare service providers
O-Room helps private healthcare service providers organise surgeries with lower costs. Instead of building own operating rooms and making heavy investments, O-Room can offer these facilities by renting them from public sector.

Additional income potential for hospitals

"O-Room enables lower operating costs and more efifcient operating room management. We had been searching for a similar service for some time."


O-Room manages surgeries by taking a flat 20% fee for the service. This includes all the work related to booking, organising and managing the compensations for the stakeholders.


Elina has a mixed background from politics, consultancy and heavy industry. For the past years she has focused on helping different startups to scale their business. Her passion is to make the world a better place for eveyone, not just for the middle-class. During her free time, Elina participates in her kid´s hobbies, debates in twitter and wonders things.

Elina Seppälä
CEO and Co-founder

Jaro has almost 20 years of surgery experience from both public and private side. He is an orthopedist and experienced sports physician who has a genuine will to improve the status of publich healthcare. His passion is putting the patient and good treatment before everything. During his free time, Jaro enjoys spending time with his kids. He keeps the professional athlete in him satisfied by practising different outdoor sports.

Jaro Junnila
CHO and Co-founder


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